Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10 – How To Fixed Issue

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10

Hello Everybody, We come back with new Article Where You can fix Issue Of Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10. If You are facing any Problem related Xbox 360 Controller Driver Then You are at Right Place. Here We Share Best Article Regarding Xbox 360 Controller Driver.

There are many gamers who want to use their Xbox 360 controller with Window 10, while their favorite game. Therefore, many gamers who prefer to use the Xbox controller to play games compared to the keyboard and mouse, it is very easy that so many PC games help you to play games with Xbox controller USB interface. If You are playing Games using Xbox 360 Controller and You are facing a problem that Xbox 360 controller is not working with Windows 10 then here we have the best guide about the fix to Xbox 360 Controller Driver. Let’s See below.

How to fix Issue Of Xbox 360 Controller problems on Windows 10

If You are facing Problem Using Xbox 360 Controller Then Here We have best methods to fix this issue. After Reading this guide, You can perfectly Play Games using Xbox 360 Controller On Your Windows 10 Computer. Below We Share best Methods to Fix This Issue. Let’s See different methods to solve this issue.

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Solution – 1 Install the driver manually.

If You are using wireless Xbox 360 controller, then You need to use the wireless receiver to connect the controller to your PC. But Sometimes Maybe Your Xbox 360 controller will not work on Windows 10 or You have to update drivers for a wireless receiver.

1) First Open the Device Manager. You can retrieve Device manager by clicking on Windows Key + X and Select Device Manager from the list which is display on the screen.

2) When open the Device Manager then make sure that your receiver is connected to your PC. Navigate to other device section and enlarge it. Right Click on the Unknown Device and then choose the option of Updated driver software from the menu.

3) Then Click On the Option like  “Browse my computer for driver software”.

4) Now click on let me pick from a list of a device on my computer.

5) Now, You can see a list of devices from that list you have to select Xbox 360 peripherals and click “Next”.

6) Select the latest Receiver driver option which is given on the list and then clicks on the Next button. If you get a pop-up all you have to do is – click on OK button and wait for the driver to install on your PC.

7) In last Steps, You need to hold the pairing button on your Bluetooth receiver and on your Xbox 360 Controller for few seconds. Complete Follow all these steps to Connect Xbox 360 Controller with Windows 10.

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After Complete to follow all steps of installing the driver, Your Xbox One Controller should start working on your Window 10 PC Without facing any problem. to solve this issue, You have to use any Third party tool. Still, You are facing this problem then don’t worry we have another method to solve this issue. Let’s Check it.

Solution – 2 Uninstall Old drivers and Install latest Drivers.

You can’t use Xbox 360 controller On Your Windows 10 Because Of bad drivers. So Don’t worry You can use Xbox 360 Controller after removing bad drivers and then install new drivers. After Remove old Drivers, You have to install latest drivers. For this Solution, Check out below steps.

1) First Open the Device Manager.

2) In Device Manager select the open of Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows and right click on it.

3) Choose the Uninstall option from the menu

4) After Successful uninstall the drivers, Restart Your Computer.

5) When your computer restarts, Windows 10 will automatically install the missing driver.

How to fix Xbox 360 Controller Windows 10 Steam issues

Here Users found some issue In Xbox 360 Controller Windows 10 Steam. It has been reported by the users that Xbox 360 controller has some issues with the steam, and according to a user, they can not even remove the steam function by pressing the center button on the Xbox 360 controller. By default, if you press the center button on your Xbox 360 controller, you should give the steam overlay, but for some reason, the Windows Game Overlay is displayed alternately. If You are looking to fix this issue then Check out below for more details and solution.

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1) When you are playing any steam game, press the button on the Xbox 360 controller

2) When Windows Game cover appears, uncheck “Remember this application as a game”.

After Following this, Windows Game cover will be disabled while you’re playing games on steam and steam cover should be restored automatically.

How to fix issue with wired Xbox 360 controller on Windows 10

If You Connect Xbox 360 controller with the help of USB Port on the front of your computer, mostly wired Xbox 360 controller could not work. To avoid this problem, it is better to connect the USB port to the computer because these ports usually operate USB ports. So You can Check out this method to fix this Xbox 360 Controller issue. If You like this article then share with your friends and family member on social media.

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