Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Without Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

Windows 10 ISO Direct Download

Hello Everyone, We come back with a new interesting tutorial where We are discussing about Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Without Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. You Need to visit Microsoft tech bench upgrade program to download Windows 10 ISO without media creation tool And then start downloading directly Windows 10 ISO without media creation tools.

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Since Microsoft has released Windows 10 for public use. After its Release, Windows 10 has been taken place in millions of users Computers and other devices that were previously working with Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating systems. If You think about how to install Windows 10 on your device then don’t worry because basically there are two way to installing Windows 10 operating system on your computer. The First Method is upgraded Your Computer to Windows 10 and another is to make a clean installation on your computer.

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Download Windows 10 ISO Direct Download Without Media Creation Tool

You can use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to upgrade the computer to Windows 10 and then proceed with the up gradation process. If you want to install a clean installation of Windows 10 on our computer, first of all, you must have Windows 10 ISO. It can later be used to build Windows 10 bootable USB drives. If You are finding a method of download Windows 10 ISO to your computer, So There are two methods.

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Microsoft offers you the option to download Windows 10 ISO without media creation tools as well as media creation tools. When you download Windows 10 ISO with the media creation tool, your download may be upset due to some error. However, if you choose to download Windows 10 ISO without media creation tools, you can be assured that you can download Windows 10 full without any error. In This tutorial, We Provide full guide details about how to download Windows ISO without media creation tool.

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Downloading Windows 10 ISO Directly in your computer Without Media Creation Tool

In This Process, We Will discuss about how to download Windows 10 ISO on your computer directly from the Microsoft server. This method will ensure that you do not find anything unwanted or harmful with Windows 10 ISO. Recently, Microsoft has blocked users who have Windows PC or Mac, which is to access the official Windows 10 ISO download page. You can pretend to be another device in two ways. The first option is to use Developer Tools which is present in your browser. The second option is by using a Mobile browser extension emulator.

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#Option – 1 Using the Developer Tools

Firstly Visit the Windows ISO download page by clicking the link given on the Microsoft page. After opening that page, press the Ctrl key, the Shift key and I key of the keyboard simultaneously. Pressing these keys together will open developer tools in front of you. Now once in the Developer Console, Press the Ctrl key, Shift key and M key of the keyboard simultaneously. Now, you just have to refresh your web page and you will now be redirected to the Windows 10 ISO download link.

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#Option 2: Using the Chrome Mobile Emulator Extension

To pretend to be a mobile device, you need to have a mobile emulator extension to download Windows 10 ISO. For this, you can download a mobile browser emulator for Chrome which is easily available on the Internet. After you install the emulator, open the available Windows 10 download link on the Microsoft page and then you will be automatically redirected to the Media Creation Tools page. While opening the same page, click the Mobile Browser emulator icon in the top left and select one of the mobile phone portrait options.

Now a new window will pop up, and it will load the same page but as a mobile device. Since you can not install media creation tools on a mobile phone, Microsoft will offer you to download Windows 10 ISO. Now, to start Windows 10 ISO downloads on your computer, you will need to follow the steps given below:

1) From Windows 10 ISO download section, click on “Select Edition” and select Windows 10. If you want any other edition, select that edition and click on Confirm button. Now you will see a “validating your request” page, wait until you are prompted to select the product language.

2) From the “Select the product language” section click on choose one and select English. Select your preferred language if it is not English and click on Confirm button. Now you will see the validating request page again, so wait until you see the download page.

3) Now, you will see Windows 10 ISO Downloads page. From the page, you will see two links. One for 32-bit Windows ISO Download and one for 64-bit Windows 10 ISO download. Select the one you want to download.

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Now Windows 10 ISO downloads should start directly without media creation tools on your PC. Wait for the download to complete, then proceed with creating a bootable Windows 10 USB flash drive. On the download link page, you can see a two-line message by saying “valid link for 24 hours from the time of creation, end of the link: date and time”. This means that your download link is valid for 24 hours from the time of its creation. Therefore, if you are planning to keep it safe, then it will not be of any use.

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