TLS Handshake Failure in Firefox: Fix Performing a TLS Handshake Error?

Are you facing TLS handshake failure in Firefox? Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers with better security and speed. But sometimes, when users try to access any secure website, they encounter “Performing a TLS Handshake” issue on Firefox. Read this article to find how to fix TLS handshake failure issues on Firefox.

What is TLS Handshake?

TLS handshake failure

TLS or Transport Layer Security handshake protocol is a connection authentication process between server and web browser. When a user is trying to access any secure website (HTTPS) it will establish a secure connection between browser and server. During this connection, they transfer messages, values, certificates, a master secret, and a session key. After establishing the connection it’s called TLS Handshake (the first-word server and browser exchange is “Hello” which is why it’s called handshake).

What is the Reason Behind TLS Handshake Failure in Firefox?

TLS Handshake Failure issue occurs when Firefox browser could not connect to the secure website. The process of connections is held in the middle and users can find Performing a TLS Handshake written at the bottom of the browser. There are several reasons that could cause TLS handshake failure in Firefox like, IPv6 or DNS issue, Firefox add-ons or antivirus issue.

How to Fix TLS Handshake Failure in Firefox?

Clear Browsing History in Firefox

Browsers save cookies and catches of every website which allows them to load faster. However, if any of the catches get corrupted, it creates conflicts and blocks users from accessing any secure website and fails TLS handshake in Firefox. We can simply clear all the cookies and caches from the browser and it will solve the issue.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and click on stack of books symbol on the right

TLS handshake failure

  • Now select the history option from the list and choose Clear recent history
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TLS handshake failure

  • Now select all the options under history and choose everything in time range, after that, click on the ok button to clear all history

TLS handshake failure

Once you clear all history, restart your PC and open Firefox to check for the error. If your website is still stuck at Performing a TLS Handshake, then try other methods.

Remove Add-ons in Firefox

Just like extensions in Google Chrome, Firefox has add-ons. This small web-based program allows users to perform tasks online with ease. However, most add-ons are made by third-party developers, it could potentially harm your system. They also have their own caches and cookies and always works continuously in the background. Make sure to remove these add-ons to fix TLS Handshake Failure in Firefox issue. Here is the process,

  • Open Firefox and find add-ons under the menu or press control+shift+A on the browser

TLS handshake failure

  • Now click on the three dots on add-ons you want to remove, then select “remove” option

TLS handshake failure

Once you remove all the add-ons from the list, restart your system and then open Mozilla to check for the error. If you are still unable to access the website and stuck at TLS handshake Failure in Firefox, then try other methods.

Disable IPv6 Protocol

IPv6 is a new internet protocol just like IPv4. The Internet is running out of IP addresses to share and that’s why most people are using IPv6 protocol. However, sometimes it creates issues for the network and we cannot access any website or face TLS handshake issues. TLS handshake requires a safe and functioning web browser and when IPv6 creates problems, it refuses the connection request. Here is how to disable IPv6 protocol on windows,

  • Open control panel and find network and sharing center
  • Then select “change adaptor settings” from the left side

TLS handshake failure

  • After that, select your internet connection, right click on it and choose properties

TLS handshake failure

  • Now uncheck the box for IPv6 protocol form the list and click ok to save settings

TLS handshake failure

Once the process is complete, reboot your system and then open Mozilla Firefox to check for the error. If you are still facing the issue and the website is frozen at Performing a TLS Handshake in Firefox, then try other methods.

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Change DNS to Google DNS

DNS or Domain Name System is one of the most important parts of the internet. It converts IP addresses to Web URL and allows users to access any website with ease. But sometimes when users face any connection issue, it could be created by DNS. Most people use DNS set by their Internet provider but they can change it to other for more speed and safety. Here is how to change DNS to Google DNS in windows to fix TLS handshake Failure in Firefox,

  • Follow the last method and go to internet properties (Control panel > network and sharing > change adaptor settings > select properties in internet provider)
  • Now select internet protocol version 4 and choose properties option

TLS handshake failure

  • Change the option in general to “use the following DNS server addresses” and type google DNS,
    • Preferred DNS server –
    • Alternate DNS server –

TLS handshake failure

Once the DNS is changed, you can restart your PC to save settings. Now open Firefox and check for the TLS Handshake in Firefox, if you still face the same issue again, try other methods.

Disable TLS Handshake in Firefox

If the TLS handshake is taking too much time or getting stuck at the same website, we can simply disable the TLS handshake protocol. However, most settings in your browser are designed to provide safety and security for the user, changing any protocol would create other issues too. here is how to disable TLS handshake in Mozilla Firefox,

  • Open Firefox and type “about:config” in the URL box
  • Now click on “Accept the risk and continue” option

TLS handshake failure

  • Then Type “TLS” in search preference name and choose “security.tls.version.min” option

TLS handshake failure

  • Now change the value from 3 to 2 and save settings.

Restart your browser and check again for the TLS handshake Failure in Firefox error. This method will surely disable TLS Handshake in Firefox which allows users to access any secure website without waiting. But if you are still struggling with this issue, it might be caused by Antivirus on your system.

Disable HTTPS Scanning in Antivirus

Antiviruses protects users from any harmful viruses or malware but nowadays, it also protects users from harmful connections. Most antivirus have some kind of protective shield against the network and internet to provide safe links. It works as a firewall and blocks incoming connections which it deems fit as malicious. We can change this setting so that we can access any websites without worrying about TLS handshake Failure in Firefox.

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Here is how to disable HTTPS scanning on Avast antivirus

  • Open avast antivirus and go to settings, now choose protection and then core shield

TLS handshake failure

  • The scroll down to configure shield settings and choose web shield
  • Now uncheck the box that reads, “Enable HTTPS scanning”

This will disable HTTPS scanning in your avast, it’s the same process for other antivirus as well. Once the HTTPS scanning is disabled, it will allow a website to perform TLS Handshake in Firefox.

FAQ for TLS Handshake Failure in Firefox

  • Why is the website stuck at Performing a TLS Handshake?

When users are trying to access a secure website(HTTPS), Firefox performs a TLS handshake in order to establish a connection. If something interrupts the connection or creates an issue, it will hold the process at Performing a TLS Handshake.

  • How to fix TLS handshake Failure in Firefox?

Following methods can fix TLS handshake issue on Firefox,

  1. Clear Browsing History in Firefox
  2. Remove Add-ons in Firefox
  3. Disable IPv6 Protocol
  4. Change DNS to Google DNS
  5. Disable TLS handshake in Firefox
  6. Disable HTTPS scanning in Antivirus
  • What is the TLS Handshake Process?

Transport Layer Security handshake protocol provides a connection between secure website and browser. When users try to open any secure website, first the server sends messages and certificates to the browser and receives the same. After the TLS handshake is established, users can access the website.


Most people prefer the Mozilla Firefox browser for safety and privacy. Firefox makes sure to perform all the security checks before providing access to any websites. However, sometimes when users are trying to open any website, they get stuck at performing TLS Handshake and could not access it. In this article, we have provided information about how to fix TLS handshake failure in Firefox. If you have any questions about the Firefox connection issue, ask us in the comment section.

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