Ss3svc32.exe on Startup: Fix Sonic Studio 3 Startup Message issue

Are you facing ss3svc32.exe on startup? This error code appears on a permission pop up every time a user boots up their system. This error is harmless and does not alter any system settings that harm the PC, however, it continues to annoy users every time they restart windows. Read this article to understand more about ss3svc32.exe on startup and how to fix it.

What is ss3svc32.exe?

ss3svc32.exe is associated with Asus Sonic Studio 3, an Audio suite for windows. Sonic Studio 3 provides audio functions and services for windows users and mostly preinstalled in every Asus computer. After Windows 10’s new update in January 2020 (KB4517211), many users (with the 32-bit system) encountered this message frequently on startup. ss3svc32.exe is not a virus or a critical error that could harm your system. We can simply remove the source of this message from Sonic Studio 3 and it can fix the issue right away.

Note: If you are facing ss3svc64.exe which originate from the same Sonic Studio 3 (64-bit version), follow the fixing methods to resolve the issue)

How to fix ss3svc32.exe on startup?

Uninstall Sonic Studio 3

Sonic Studio 3 is an audio suite that provides better functionality and control over the audio system. However, just like other audio tools (Realtek), it can be easily replaced without causing any issue. We can simply uninstall Sonic Studio 3 to fix ss3svc32.exe messages on startup. Here is the process,

  • Open windows settings (Windows+I) and go to apps
  • Then find Sonic Studio 3 from the app list and uninstall it
  • Users can directly uninstall Sonic Studio 3 by typing “appwiz.cpl” in Run windows, then select the app and uninstall it.
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Once a user uninstalls the Sonic Studio 3, it will remove all files and folders from the system. Restart your PC and check for the message. If you still find ss3svc32.exe on startup, try other methods.

Run Sonic Studio 3 as Administrator

Sometimes when apps don’t have Admin rights it could face restrictions in the system. This could trigger errors, malfunctions and in this case, a pop up message on start up. If you don’t want to remove Sonic Studio 3 to fix ss3svc32.exe, you can run the app as administrator. Here is the process,

  • Go to the main folder of ss3svc32.exe, it usually in the program files, here is the folder path, “C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\Sonic Suite 3\Foundation”
  • Select ss3svc32.exe file, right click on and choose properties option
  • Now go to compatibility tab, check the box that reads “run this program as an administrator”

  • Then click on change settings for all users button
  • Then check the box again that says run this programs as an administrator

  • Click on the apply button and restart your PC to save settings

Now check for the ss3svc32.exe on Startup. If the error message originated from lack of administrative permission for ASUS rog sonic studio 3, you won’t find any issue. However, if you are still facing ss3svc32 on startup, try other methods.

Fix ss3svc32.exe with Task scheduler

If you are still struggling with the ss3svc32 issue, we can simply use the task scheduler to fix this issue. Task scheduler allows users to automate some of the basic functionality in the system. For instance, instead of removing the ss3svc32.exe on Startup, we can provide the highest privileges for it. It will automatically trigger at startup and removes the permission message by ss3svc32. Here is the process,

  • Open Task scheduler from the menu or type “taskschd.msc” in the Run windows
  • Then select task scheduler library from the left and click on the new folder button on the right side
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  • Now write down “ss3svc32.exe” in the box that read enter the name of the new folder

  • It will create a new folder under the task scheduler library, select ss3svc32.exe on the left and then choose to create a task from the right

  • Now in the general tab, write down ss3svc32.exe in the name and check the box that reads “Run with highest privileges”

  • Then select the triggers tab, click on the new button, then select “at start up” from the dropdown list of “begin the task”.

  • Now repeat this method again and click on the new button in trigger. Now in the Begin the task, this time select “At log on”. Make sure to check the “enabled” box at bottom in both triggers

  • Then select the action tab and click on the new button
  • After that, in new action, select “start a program”, then in the program/script option, click on the browser button and select ss3svc32.exe

  • In the add arguments box, type “/start SonicStudioSystray /silent” and click ok

Now every time a user boots up their system, instead of facing ss3svc32.exe on Startup, the windows will start normally without any pop up messages.

FAQ for ss3svc32.exe

  • Is ss3svc32 a virus?

No, ss3svc32 is associated with Asus Rog Sonic studio 3 and provides audio system functionality on the PC. It’s harmless and does not affect the system.

  • Is it safe to remove ss3svc32.exe?

Yes, ss3svc32.exe is a process from Sonic Studio 3 which is an audio suite like Realtek and others. We can remove or uninstall it without any issue.

  • How to fix ss3svc32.exe on Startup issue?
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Following methods can fix ss3svc32 on Startup message pop ups

  1. Uninstall Sonic Studio 3
  2. Run Sonic Studio 3 as Administrator
  3. Fix ss3svc32.exe with Task scheduler


ss3svc32.exe permission pop ups on startup are harmless but really irritating. We can either press ok on the permission and move on with our work or fix any underlying issue that causes this message. In this article, we have provided different methods to fix ss3svc32.exe on Startup issues with explanation and cause. If you have any questions about this article, ask us in the comment section.

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