What is OpenAL? Should I Remove it?

What is OpenAL?

The word OpenAL is the abbreviation for the Open Audio Library, the OpenAL program which is basically a cross-platform API (Application Programming Interface). Having a style similar to the OpenGL, OpenAL displays multichannel three-dimensional positional audio, which is why sometimes the OpenAL program is embedded in your PC.

When you want to play some games, then the OpenAL will be needed. By this you can experience a more vivid game and with perfect sound effects. But, some audio applications need OpenAL as well on Windows 7, 8 or 10.

In the very beginning, OpenAL was developed by the Loki software for the purpose of transplanting Windows commercial games to Linux. After the closing of Loki software, the OpenAL program was taken by Freeware.

Now, Creative Technology takes control of the OpenAL software. OpenAL which is now controlled by Creative Technology has made significant progress.

Though not being a vital system program, OpenAL is generally utilized by some computer experts to take advantage of the features such as simulated attenuation, Doppler effect, and material densities it provides for games and audio software.

So now the thing to be considered is that some of you might not even need it or some of may be worried about the safety of your PC. If you have no idea what to do with this all OpenAL on Windows 7 then today we will be telling you all the important information details and uses of the OpenAL.

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OpenAL Overview

Generally, OpenAL will not use much CPU or memory on Windows 7, 8, and 10. For gamers, this OpenAL program is a gaming component which is dispensable when playing games, like NFS, Jedi Knight II, Running With Rifles, etc.

You can even see the presence of this OpenAL until one day someone got a new graphics card installed on your PC. You will see that there is a program named as OpenAL in installed programs.

If you are still wondering whether it will be right to remove this application and for what purpose it is used on your PC, let’s dive deeper into it.

Should I Remove OpenAL?

It may seem that the OpenAL software on your PC is quite useless, but actually, as you have been prompted, OpenAL is really important for certain applications. For instance, in some games, OpenAL will offer you 3D quality realism. In such condition, it would be best if you do not uninstall OpenAL.exe from your PC. And by default, it will yield you benefits rather than giving you a virus, so there are no such threatful effects if you keep OpenAL on your computer.

Although the OpenAL comes to you with the audio card or you can say sound card, it is safe if you feel like you want to remove the OpenAL from the  Windows 10.

In short, you can uninstall OpenAL. But whether you should remove it or not depends completely on your choice.

If you come to know that you have never ever used this OpenAL program and will not use it in the coming time then you can try to delete it from Windows 7, 8, and 10, especially in a case when there is OpenAL high CPU or memory or any other kind of OpenAL errors occurring on your PC.

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But if you need to make use of this OpenAL software in games or audio applications, then you are supposed to leave it alone. And you are highly advised to not to remove it, as there will be troubles without the OpenAL.

If you have decided to keep OpenAL on your PC, then there is much need for you to get an fair idea about how to download or update OpenAL drivers for Windows 10.

How to Download OpenAL?

For the people who have not even installed the OpenAL software before, can now consider downloading it on the Windows 10 so as to make use of its cross-platform 3D audio effect. And downloading OpenAL can also fix OpenAL32.dll missing issues.

It is full proof to get an OpenAL on your PC, just search OpenAL site and all the OpenAL downloads will be available for you.

Click on Download and then you can get both the OpenAL core SDK and the OpenAL Windows installer as well

Open Audio Library

They are crucial parts needed to install OpenAL on your PC.

There is another way by which you can download and update the OpenAL software easily and quickly. You can use Driver Booster. It will help you in scanning all the outdated and missing gaming components like the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and Open AL files, and then update them by a single click.

  1. Firstly  Download the application, and then install and Run Driver Booster on Windows 10.

2. Click on the Scan option. Driver Booster will now scan your computer and find if there is an OpenAL or if it is outdated.

Open Audio Library

3. Find the OpenAL item and Click Update.

Open Audio Library

And now with this the OpenAL program has been downloaded and installed on your PC. You can also try to run it in gaming or audio software.

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Updating the Rapture3D OpenAL Driver

If you feel that your OpenAL is not functioning as efficiently as before, then it might be indicating that you should probably get a new OpenAL driver for the software.

Usually, Rapture3D is said to be the driver for OpenAL. You can get Rapture3D online. And the process of downloading it is also not a complicated one. With its help, your OpenAL will be able to offer 3D headphone surround service for you.

In some games, the Rapture3D is automatically included and for other games, you need to modify the configuration file in order to activate the Rapture3D player in OpenAL.

The updated Rapture3D OpenAL driver might be capable of bringing the high performance for the games.

Through this article we tried to tell you in brief about the OpenAL software and we also tried to address all your issue related to the safety of the software, its uses and its relevance. We hope the article addressed all your issues and we hope that you found the article useful.

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