(70368744177664),(2): How to Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error?

(70368744177664),(2) is a kernel power error in windows that indicates an unexpected windows system shutdown. When the user’s PC suddenly restarts without any warning, it’s considered a BSoD (Blue screen of Death) error. With Windows Event Viewer, we can determine that it’s a kernel power event 41 critical error in windows. Read this article to find how to fix kernel power (70368744177664),(2) errors in Windows 10.

What is Kernel Power (70368744177664),(2)?

The error specifies that it’s a critical kernel power error that occurs when a Windows PC loses power or unexpectedly shuts down. The (70368744177664),(2) error can be found in windows event viewer where it clarifies as event ID 41(BSoD critical error). Basically, when the user’s window crashes without any warning, we can find this error in the event viewer. There are several reasons for this error such as power supply input issue, RAM, corrupted BIOS and more.

How to Fix (70368744177664),(2) Error in Windows 10?

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

Turn Off Fast Startup

The fast startup allows windows to boot faster than usual. But it stops windows to fully shut down, instead of fast startup forces the system to sleep or hibernate. When we shut down the PC, instead of total power down and wiping out the running process, it keeps the system in sleep and when the PC boots up, it resumes the system process. This could create conflicts and harm the windows which result in error 70368744177664 or event code 41 critical error. Here is the process of turning off fast startup

  • Open control panel and find power option
  • Now on the upper right hand side, find “Choose what the power buttons do”
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Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

  • Now select “change settings that are currently unavailable”

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

  • In the advanced menu, uncheck the “turn on fast startup” option

Now restart your PC and wait for the system to shut down again, if you are still facing the kernel power event 41 issue 70368744177664 in windows, try other methods.

Update Windows and Driver

Every time users face BSoD error, it could be easily fixed by a system update. Outdated windows or drivers create different underlying issues that could crash the system. Always update your windows regularly to fix any issue. Users can download third-party driver updaters to download outdated drivers. Once the system is updated, it can fix the kernel powerevent 41 error in the windows.

Change Power Settings

Mostly when users demand more functionality and resources from the system that PSU can’t handle, it forces windows to shut down. It’s better to change power settings to adjust the system for better performance. Here is the process to change power settings in windows,

  • Go to control panel and find power option
  • Now click on the change plan settings in your preferred plan (balance, high performance or power saver)

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

  • Now users can change “Turn off display” and “Put the computer to sleep” according to their preference.

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

Once you change this setting, restart your PC to check for the error. Sometimes when users change power settings it fixes the malfunctioning issue of Windows. If you are still facing kernel power (70368744177664),(2) event 41 critical error, then try other methods. GEM Login for Buyer & Seller 2021

Decrease CPU Overclocking Frequencies

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

Overclocking the CPU can increase your system speed for better performance. However, if your motherboard and power supplies are not equipped to handle the processing speed, it would eventually crash. Here is the process to reduce overclocking in Windows 10,

  • Open windows settings (Windows+I) and find update and security
  • Now go to recovery and click on restart now under advance set up
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Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

  • Now find select the troubleshoot option and open the advance setting

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

  • In advance option, find UEFI firmware settings

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

  • Once the system restart, press the BIOS key and go to BIOS settings
  • Then find CMOS Setup utility and select “MB Intelligent Tweaker”

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

  • Now change the CPU Frequency and Vcore to a lower setting

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

Save the settings and restart your PC. Once the settings are saved, it will decree the CPU usage in the system which allows windows to run smoothly. However, if windows still crash and restart again and users can find (70368744177664),(2) error in the event viewer, try other methods.

Run CHKDSK to Fix Corrupt Files

If the issue doesn’t originate from PSU or CPU overclocking, then we need to fix the hard disk to solve this error. Corrupt hard disk files can affect the system and trigger auto shutdown to save the system component. We can simply run CHKDSK command to find and fix any issue in the hard disk. Here is the process, Intra Haryana 2021

  • Open command prompt as an administrator

Fix Kernel Power Event 41 critical Error

  • Now run following command one by one

sfc /scannow

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

  • This will run a check on Windows image and then run Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM.exe) which can fix the windows image.
  • Then run the following command to check disk error

chkdsk X: /f /r

this will find bad sectors in the disk and repair it. If the error is initiated by a corrupt driver, this command can fix it easily.

FAQ for (70368744177664),(2) Error

  • What is (70368744177664),(2)?
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This error occurs when the system shutdowns and crashes automatically without any warning. When the system detects malfunctions that could harm the Windows component, it shutdowns unexpectedly to save the CPU.

  • How to find (70368744177664),(2)?

When users face continuous shutdown or windows crashes, they can find the root of problems in the event viewer. In the log file errors and crashes, users will find kernel power Event 41 critical error with (70368744177664),(2) error code.

  • How to fix Kernel Power (70368744177664),(2) error in Windows 10?

Following methods can fix the event 41 kernel power error in windows,

  1. Turn Off Fast Startup
  2. Update Windows and Driver
  3. Change Power Settings
  4. Decrease CPU Overclocking Frequencies
  5. Run CHKDSK to Fix Corrupt Files


When users face unexpected restarts and crashes, it always indicates a critical error. Users can find more detail about this error in the Windows event viewer. In this article, we have provided information about how to fix the kernel power (70368744177664),(2) event 41 critical error in windows 10. If you have any questions about Windows error, ask us in the comment section.

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