Best iOS Emulator for PC in 2021

iOS Emulator for PC allows users to run iOS apps in a Windows environment. The requirement for an emulator becomes important when we need to transfer files, create apps, play games cross-platform. Emulator creates a native-like environment in windows that allows users to operate any iOS app without any issue. Read this article to find the best iOS emulator for PC in 2021.

What is the iOS Emulator for PC?

In simple terms, the emulator acts as a different operating system. Emulators are mostly used in testing iOS apps in the windows system. Basically, the emulator will imitate iOS with software and hardware support which allows users to run any test in a native environment. Emulators are different from simulators, a simulator just mimics the environment and provides support for the software. But an Emulator completely changes the native operating system to provide both hardware and software environments that reassemble iOS. With an iOS emulator, users can run any apps and programs directly from a PC.

Note: Following iOS Emulator for windows is tested and safe to use.

Best iOS Emulator for PC in 2021


iOS Emulator for PC

Smartface is a powerful iOS emulator for PC. It provides a native environment for users to run any test and operate. Smartface supports all versions of iOS for iPhone and iPad without downloading any additional data. Smartface also has an in-browser emulator for iOS that works just like the program. Users can download Smartface iOS emulator apps from the app store and connect their device with Windows system to operate any native apps. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it’s a premium app and users need to buy the software to run iOS emulator on PC.

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Download Smartface Emulator from the official website


iOS Emulator for PC

Xamarin.iOS is an advanced iOS emulator for PC that allows users to create native iOS apps. These programs are used on both Mac and Windows operating systems. For Windows users, they need to create a virtual machine with visual studio (2017 and 2019). This is one of the best iOS emulators for PC in 2021, however, it’s too advanced for normal users. Basically, Xamarin.iOS emulator creates a better native environment for heavy app testing. Microsoft acquired Xamarin in 2016 which makes it a safe and secure program for users to run emulators on PC.

Download Xamarin.iOS Emulator from the official website

iOS Emulator for PC is a browser-based iOS emulator for PC. This iOS emulator allows users to upload and operate any Android or iOS app to the website for free. This is an app testing emulator that doesn’t need a native app or environment. is free to use for anyone with some limitation, users can opt for premium plans to get more benefits. This web-based iOS emulator is a perfect tool for developers to test their apps without using any app or spending money. However, it only provides a native environment to test apps for iOS devices.

Visit Emulator official website

iOS simulator in Xcode

iOS Emulator for PC

Just like Android developers, Xcode is a native iOS app builder that provides iOS emulators as well. Xcode provides a native simulator to build, install, run, and debug any iOS app. The simulator provides all the basic functions to run any app directly from the device. This is one of the best iOS emulators but it’s not available in Windows Operating System.

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Visit the official Xcode website

FAQ for iOS Emulator for PC

  • Can I run an iOS app on my PC?

Yes, the iOS emulator for PC allows users to run any iOS app in Windows Operating System. It creates a native environment for the app to run smoothly without any issue.

  • What is the best iOS emulator for Windows in 2021?

Following iOS emulator for PC are one of the best emulators in the market,

  1. Smartface
  2. Xamarin.iOS
  4. iOS simulator in Xcode
  • Is the iOS emulator for PC safe?

Most iOS emulators are now banned by google or removed because of suspicious activity. iOS emulators can run iOS apps on PC and sometimes it breaches copyright. That’s why we recommend our readers to always use an official emulator.

  • What are the benefits of an iOS emulator for windows?

Users can build, install, run, and debug any iOS app on windows. they don’t need to purchase a Mac system just to create iOS apps. Users can also operate their iPhone and iPad directly from a PC.


iOS emulator for windows combines the best features of windows and Mac in one platform. Users can create iOS apps, transfer files, play games and more directly PC. In this article, we have provided some of the best iOS emulator for PC in 2021. All of the emulators mentioned in this article are safe to use and work well in windows. If you have any questions regarding the iOS emulator, ask us in the comment section.

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