What is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe and How to Solve Problems with it?

You might have observed on your Windows 10, 8, and 7 the presence of a file named CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe. This EXE file can sometimes be reported as a virus by certain antivirus programs or the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe could cause high CPU, dusk, or memory usage. But this CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe might be unfamiliar to most of you who are not aware of its functions. So, this article will deal with various pieces of information regarding the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe like its definition, its uses, and also the ways to solve the problems related to it.

What is CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe?


The CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe is a component of CefSharp which was developed by The CefSharp Authors where the CefSharp is to embed the full-featured standards-compliant web browser into the C# or VB.NET app. The CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe is an executable file required for specific programs or devices that are installed on your PC such as the Razer Cortex or Razor Synapse. 

This file is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Razer\Razer Services\Razer Central\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Razer\Razer Cortex\Cef\. With this, we can say that the cefsharp.browsersubprocess file is not Windows-based so you can definitely remove it if it is of no use.

Do you need to remove CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe?

Normally, the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe occupies only 14,848 bytes of RAM space so it won’t really cause errors such as PC freezing or CPU usage, or high disk. But it could be possible that some trojan programs or files could have camouflaged themselves as the CefSharp BrowserSubprocess and cause many issues. If this is the case, you could be prompted with a warning message like CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe high CPU or memory or disk. Thus, getting rid of this file gives you an option to deal with the problem. In conclusion, the danger rating of this executable file will depend on where it is located on your PC. to this, when the CefSharp BrowserSubprocess file is located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32folder, it is more likely to cause an error to your WIndows 7, 8, and 10.

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How to fix the errors caused by CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe?

Many errors could arise from the cefsharp browser subprocess like stopping the function of CefHarp.BrowserSubprocess, End Program – CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe, program not responding or CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe not a valid Win32 application. Whatever the cefsharp browser subprocess error may be, you can refer to the following solutions provided below to fix the file error effectively.

Solution 1: delete the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe

The most effective way of getting rid of the error is by getting rid of the CefSharp.BrowserSUbprocess from your Windows 7/8/10. To do this, you can temporarily stop the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess in the task manager or remove it directly in the file explorer.

You can follow the steps given below.

  1. Open your Task Manager
  2. Go to the Process tab, find out, and right-click the Cefsharp BrowserSubprocess to End task.
  3. Then check whether error like CefSharp BrowserSubprocess high memory usage still remains. If you notice the problem still persists on your Windows, go forth and delete the CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe file.
  4. Search the File Explorer in the search box and hit on Enter to get in.
  5. Go to the C:\Program Files (x86) folder and located and right-click the browsersubprocess.exe to Delete it. 

If you are unable to locate the file in Progemas File, then you may need to locate it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Razer\Razer Services\Razer Central\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Razer\Razer Cortex\Cef\ and go on to delete it. If there is no problematic cefsharp browsersubprocess exe, the programs which are not working could be resolved immediately, and if you come to an error where cefsharp browsersubprocess exe has stopped working, you can get rid of it and later install the latest one to help and fix the issue.   

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Solution 2: let your device have a full scan

Sometimes there are possibilities that some viruses pretend to be the cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe hence giving rise cefsharp.browsersubprocess memory leak or any other problem, in this case, you will need to fully scan your device. To save your time and energy, the Advanced System Care is a very good tool helping you automatically and swiftly scan the virus or any kind of threat on Windows 7, 8, and 10. It not only searches for the problems on your PC such as the corrupted files, but it will also fix them. Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Download, Install, and then run the AdvancedSystemCare.
  2. Open it and under the Clean & Optimize, select Scan and after that check the box of Select All to scan the junk files, software, registries, etc.

3. Select the Fix option to allow the AdvancedSystemCare to handle the issues on the PC such as corrupted files, software, registries, and so much more.     

In this case, it is possible that the AdvancedSysytemCare will detect the cefsharp.browsersubprocess.exe which is corrupted and tries fixing it automatically for you. After everything is done, check the task manager and figure out if the cefsharp browsersubprocess exe error still persists on your device like the dull disk usage.  



At the end of this article, we can conclude that now you are aware of what we mean by CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe, its definition, whether you keep it or remove it, and also how to fix the errors that are caused by it on Windows 10, 8, and 7. The major point to be noted here is that if you wish to avoid encountering the cefsharp browsersubprocess exe issues then you should not try to download programs or files from any unreliable sources online and make sure to scan your device thoroughly and regularly with the help of a professional tool. 

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