Gamebar.exe: How to Disable and Uninstall Xbox Game bar in Windows 10

Gamebar.exe is associated with the Xbox game bar application in Windows 10. It allows users to record and capture gaming activity directly from the overlaying tab on the screen. However, users mostly find Gamebar executable files in taskbar and wonder if is it safe or a virus? Read this article to explore more about Gamebar.exe and how to disable it and uninstall Xbox game bar.


What is Gamebar.exe?

Gamebar is an executable file from Xbox Game bar that allows users to capture and record gaming in Xbox. Users can download the Xbox game bar from Microsoft app store for free. The game bar is a customizable gaming overlay that provides instant access to screen capture, record, chatting and other functions. When the program runs on windows, users can find Gamebar exe in the task manager detail tab.


Xbox Game Bar Functionality

Xbox game bar is designed to complement Xbox gaming on the PC. It’s an overly that provides many features like,

  • Audio recording
  • Screen recording and capture
  • Gallery
  • Communicate with other Xbox player
  • Performance and resources
  • Spotify

Users can activate screen recording by pressing the Windows + G button. This is an official Xbox tool users can download from the Microsoft store.

Is Gamebar.exe a virus or malware?

No, Gamebar exe is an official windows application file and not a virus or malware. The executable file runs in the background when the user operates Xbox Gamebar in the system. However, most malware camouflage itself in exe files that harms your system. If you find Gamebar in the taskbar taking more resources, then it might be a virus. Panorama Charter

There are few gamebar errors that crash the Xbox app or windows system occasionally. Here is the list of game bar error,

  • Xbox Game Bar is currently not available in your account 0x803F8001
  • 0x00000000
  • Error 2147549183
  • Faulting Application Path: GameBar
  • 2147549183
  • Error starting program: GameBar
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How to Disable Gamebar.Exe in Windows 10?

Disable Gamebar.exe from Windows Setting

In the latest version of Windows 10, the gaming settings moved from Xbox to Windows settings. Hence, users can easily disable the gamebar from Windows Settings.

  • Open windows settings(Windows+I) and find the gaming option


  • Now select the game bar from the left side and disable it


This will stop the gamebar in the windows 10. However, this method only works for users with the latest windows operating system. Follow other methods to disable game bar in window 10.

Disable Gamebar.exe From Services

  • Open services from the menu or type “services.msc” in Run windows
  • Now find the Xbox Live Game Save option from the list, right click on it and select properties


  • Now in the startup, select disable from the dropdown menu


This will disable the game bar from the services. However, if you still find gamebar.exe in the taskbar, try other methods.

Disable Gamebar.exe from Group Policy

  • Open local group policy editor from the search menu or type “gpedit.msc” in Run windows
  • Now follow this path,

Computer Configuration

Administrative Templates

Windows Components

Windows Game Recording and Broadcasting

  • Now right click on “enable or disable windows game recording and broadcasting” and disable it


Once you disable the gamebar group policy, it will stop working altogether.

Uninstall Xbox Game bar

Gamebar is only useful for Xbox gamers and it can slowdowns system functions too (we have tested Xbox game bar in normal configuration and it decrees the windows speed). However, you cannot uninstall Xbox game bar from the system because it’s an official Windows program and it’s non-essential which makes the uninstall button gray. But you can download third-party apps to uninstall it easily. ePayitOnline

FAQ for Gamebar.exe

  • What is Gamebar exe in Windows 10 task manager?
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It’s an executable file for the Xbox game bar program in windows. When the user operates the Xbox game bar, it’s visible as gamebar.exe in the taskbar.

  • Is gamebar exe a malware?

No, Gamebar.exe is not a virus or malware. It’s an official windows system file that runs the Xbox game bar.

  • How to disable game bar in windows 10?

Following methods can disable game bar in the windows,

  1. Disable Gamebar from Windows Setting
  2. Disable Gamebar From Services
  3. Disable Gamebar from Group Policy
  4. Uninstall Xbox Game bar
  • Can we uninstall Xbox Game bar in Windows 10?

No, users cannot uninstall Xbox game bar as it’s an official windows app and not essential which is why it does not show up in the program list.


When we find exe files in the task manager taking up the resource, we think that it’s a virus or malware. Just like Gamebar.exe, which is a Windows System file of Xbox game bar. In this article, we have provided information about how to disable and Uninstall Xbox game bar. If you have any questions about Gamebar.exe, ask us in the comment section.

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