How to fix your Discord Overlay Not Working

The gamers have recently hit upon the Discord Overlay not showing up, or opening, or just not working when in games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends. The problem is if Overlay is not in Discord then you will not be able to send any messages and screenshots of the game, or you will not be able to talk with your teammates or companions and such. So if we look from a gamer’s perspective, this could be really frustrating. So, to get rid of this Discord Overlay which is not working, let us first get to know what exactly is Discord overlay.

What is Discord? What do we mean by Discord Overlay?

Discord is actually a free Voice Over Internet Protocol in short VoIP application which incorporates texts, audio, video, and image, especially for the gamers. By Discord Overlay, we mean the feature that enables all the gamers to chat with one another in form of both voices as well as text during their full-screen games.

Which games work with Discord Overlay?

Before we get to how we fix the Discord Overlay problem, we first need to make sure that the concerned games supports Discord Overlay as some games actually do not support it. If the game does not support the Discord Overlay, then there is no point in fixing a problem that does not have an answer. If we list the games that support Discord Overlay, it will generally comprise of the popular and latest games such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Dota 2, League of Legends, CS: GO, and more. When we list the games that do not support Discord Overlay is constitutes the games that are old and the ones that have Vulkan Support.

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So, once you make sure that the concerned game supports Discord Overlay, we can then proceed towards fixing the problem of Discord Overlay not working or showing.

How to fix the Discord overlay not working?

The reason for Discord Overlay not working or opening or not showing will vary from one computer to another. But, all in all, with thorough research, it can be figured out that the most common cause are the Disocrd Permission, the hardware acceleration settings, a third-party software on your PC, and the system crash. So, with this said let us get into the various solutions on how to fix this problem.

Solution 1: Try Rebooting your Computer

Just like all other errors, the easiest and common way to fix it by closing all the running app like your game such as WoW, Discord, and any other applications. Once you close everything, you can restart Windows 10. After you reboot it, sign in again and launch the game and Discord to check if the Discord Overlay works this time around allowing you to communicate with the other gamers. This solution could also help when your Discord does not open on your computer.

Solution 2: try enabling the in-game Overlay in Discord

To use Overlay in games, you will need to hit the Overlay hotkey for activating it in games before you start playing it. So, it is a probability that you might have forgotten to do so. You can enable it by following the given steps.

  1. First, open Discord
  2. On the left bottom side hit the User Settings (a gear icon)
Discord Overlay Not Working
  1. In User Settings, scroll down on the left pane to select App Settings and select Overlay
  2. In the Overlay settings, choose the Enable in-game Overlay on the right corner
Discord Overlay Not Working

3. Go back to User settings and find Game Activity on the left pane. Click on Add it to add the game of your choice to configure Overlay settings for it.

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Discord Overlay Not Working

4. Browse to Add game  to use Overlay

Discord Overlay Not Working

5. Turn on Overlay for the specific game and you will be able to play it with Overlay.

Discord Overlay Not Working

Solution 3: Try running Discord as the Administrator

There are possibilities that users are unable to open Discord or Discord Overlay due to application permission so it is required to run Discord with administrative privileges in order to use it. Follow the steps to run as the administrator.

  1. Right click on Discord to open its Properties
  2. Go to the Compatibility tab and click on Run this program as administrator  box
Discord Overlay Not Working

3. Select Apply and OK to save the changes

With this, your Discord will be launched with administrative rights.

Solution 4: Disable the Discord Hardware Acceleration

The Discord hardware acceleration may smooth the performance but it could also cause problems in certain conditions for some unknown reasons. Turning off this feature for Discord could help fix the Overlay not working for many users. Follow the steps to disable it.

  1. Go to Discord application and hit the gear icon of the User Settings
  2. In User Settings, select Appearance under the App settings
  3. In Appearance, slide down on the bottom right pane and locate and turn off Hardware Acceleration under Advanced
Discord Overlay Not Working

4. A window will pop up warning the change will quit and relaunch the Discord app

5. Hit the Okay button to confirm the change

Discord Overlay Not Working

6. Reboot Discord to take effect

Solution 5: Check the Third-party Software Whitelist

With many users getting antivirus programs for their PC, it is likely that a third-party software could have blocked Discord or the game resulting in Discord Overlay not working or opening in WIndows 10. It makes have considered Discord as malware and hampered its running during the game. For this situation, you need to open the antivirus program and make sure that Discord is not included as an untrusted or blacklisted app and add it to the trusted program if available. If this does not work, you may need to uninstall the third-party software – Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program > Uninstall. After this, you can reboot your PC and enable the voice chat or send messages in discord Overlay.

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Solution 6: do not use proxy

Proxy is said to be more prone to be infected by virus from hackers and could prevent Overlay from Discord from working. So you can try disabling Proxy and use VPN instead to check if it works

  1. Go to Internet Options  and click on enter
  2. Select the Connections tab and click on LAN Settings
  3. Uncheck the box of Use a proxy server for your LAN
Discord Overlay Not Working

4. Click OK  to save the changes

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