How to fix your Discord Mic not working on Windows

With Discord becoming a daily tool for the gamers to voice by adding into groups during the games many of the game lovers have articulated that their mic does not work on Discord especially when they are using the Windows Desktop Discord app. It happens that when you chat with your game mates via speaker and then you change the default audio input to microphone nobody is able to hear you, or sometimes it happens that even when you are able to hear other’s voice Discord id unable to pick your mic on the PC.

No matter what your problem be either you are unable to speak or hear the other gamers, the possible chance is that you Discord mic settings could be improper or that the Windows 10 system goes wrong and if this happens then Discord keeps cutting out the error after Windows 10 updates.

So now, the question is ‘how to fix Discord not picking up the mic?’. The first step you try whenever this occurs is to check whether there is any device problem like your microphone not working. You might even try to use it on another PC just to check if there is any fault. And if it doesn’t work on other devices chances are that it is broken and needs a replacement. But, if the mic is working just fine then it could imply that the problem could be the Discord app settings or just your system. 

With this sort of detailed analysis, you will be able to decipher whether you need a new mic or take the next step to fix the Discord down the issue for Windows 7, 8, and 10. For this reason, we provide you with several solutions to fix this problem.

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fix your Discord Mic not working on Windows

Solutions to fix your problem

Solution 1: Allow Discord Access Microphone on Windows 10

If your desktop Discord mic is not working after the Windows update chances are that Windows 10 system settings have prevented you from receiving the mic. With new updates, Windows add new features to condense program settings so for external devices like microphones you will need to allow Discord to use the mic in Privacy. You can follow the given steps to enable this.

  1. The first step is to go to Start > Settings > Privacy.
  2. In this you select the Microphone option and turn on the option – Allow apps access your microphone.
Discord Mic not working

This way you can enable the choice for different apps such as Discord. 

Solution 2: Sign out from Discord and Re-sign in as the Administrator

This is thought to be the quickest way to resolve this issue of Discord not working on Windows 10 or any other devices. So, when you are unable to hear others in the Discord app, you can log out from the application and get in with administrative privileges. The reason for this may be that you won’t be allowed to voice through the internet as a user which could be the reason why your mic is detected by Discord but does not work on it. Follow the steps to do this.

  1. Click the User settings image on the left bottom of the Discord interface then go to the Discord Settings and select Log out.
Discord Mic not working

2 Confirm your log out.

Discord Mic not working

3 After you sign out, double click on the Discord app from the desktop to Run as administrator.

Discord Mic not working

With this, you are armed with administrative privilege and will be able to voice online games using the Discord mic.

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Solution 3: Change the Discord Input Sensitivity

The Discord app has a setting named Automatically determine input sensitivity which is in charge of detecting any audio input devices that include the mic. If you have unconsciously disabled this option your DIscord won’t be able to pick up the mic unless you have plugged it in before you start the Discord program. You can check this with the step below.

  1. Hit the Settings image in Discord and choose the Voice & Video from the given list.
Discord Mic not working

2 Under the Voice & Video settings, on the right locate and enable the Automatically determine input sensitivity.

Discord Mic not working

This way you can restart the Discord app and turn on it again for checking if there is any green circle beside settings and try voicing with a microphone to detect if there is sound in Discord.

Solution 4: Change the Discord Input and Output volume

It could be that sometimes the Discord output stops working while the input works or vice versa. DIscord does not have sound when your input or output volume is too low which is the reason why we recommend you change the volume to bring what is not picked up by the Discord app. Follow the steps.

  1. Go to Discord setting > Voice & Video > Input and Output device
Discord Mic not working
  1. Then change the input volume and the output volume to a proper value.
  2. Make the device you are using as the default device in case of Discord audio cutting out.

Solution 5: Reset your Discord Voice Settings

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If your problem is still not fixed then it is time you reset all your voice settings in the Discord Desktop app. With this, all the existing setting corruption or wrongdoing will be configured automatically to the original. You can follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Discord settings > Voice & Video
  2. On the right pane and down to the button select the Reset voice settings
Discord Mic not working

3. Reboot your Discord app right after that for the system to take effect.

Solution 6: Update the Windows 10 Audion Driver

For this follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to the Device manager
  2. Expand the Audio inputs and outputs and right click your audio driver to uninstall the device.
  3. Confirm the uninstall
Discord Mic not working

4. After you remove the driver, navigate to the official site of your audio device to download the latest driver.

You can also use Driver Booster to automatically update your audio driver. After the update of your microphone driver for your computer, the mic will work properly on discord.

If the mic is not working on Discord at this moment, perhaps you have to uninstall Discord app in Control Panel or App settings and then re-download a new one for Windows 10.

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