How To Fix Critical Process Died in Windows 10

Hello Everybody, We come back with a new interesting tutorial to fix Windows error. If You are looking for a fix Critical Process Died in Windows 10 then here we share a tutorial to fix windows error. If you have windows system and you are facing much error on your system then here daily we share informatics information about Critical Process Died in Windows 10. So let’s check out below for more information.

The Critical Process Died Error is One Of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors. The error is the common and very disturbing error which You can also face this error on Windows 7/8/8.1. If You have the Older version Of Windows then You can face this type of problem on your windows screen. So Please we recommend that Update your system and Fix Critical Process Died in Windows 10. Here below we share different Type of Methods to fix this error.

How to Fix Critical Process Died error in Windows 10?

So Here we are going to share the different type of methods to fix this error. If You can’t fix this error, So don’t worry because here we have more methods to solve this problem which you are facing On Your screen. So let’s check out below for more update.

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1) Scan for virus/malware

1) First Type ‘defender,’ in Windows Search bar and then, double-click On Windows Defender.

2) Click on the Shield icon in the left-hand pane.

3) Then Click On Advanced scan option in the new window.

4) Check the Full Scan Option and Click On Scan Now Option to Full Scan System.

5) Now Restart Your System for save changes.

2) Run chkdsk

1) Firstly Press Windows + X keys together to access Power user menu. Select Command Prompt (Admin) from it.

2) Then Type chkdsk C: /f In Command Prompt and Tap The Enter Button.

Note – Replace C with the letter of your drive.

3) Now Wait until process Finishes and Then Restart Your System.

If You can’t fix this error using the above method then don’t worry because we have more below methods to fix this problem. So let’s check out below:

3) Uninstall updates

If You have Windows 10 System, So sometimes you can also face the problem because of Windows 10 Update.

1) Firstly Type Windows Update In Windows Search bar and then Click On Windows Update In search bar.

2) Then Click On ‘Update history’ button.

3) Now click on Uninstall updates button.

4) Now Select the Update which You want to delete and then Click On Uninstall.

4) Run DISM

1) Firstly Press Windows + X keys together and Open Power user menu.

2) Then Select Command Prompt (Admin)

3) Now Follow some below command in Command Prompt. Type the following command one by one and hit Enter after each command:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

4) Wait For Few Minutes and Then Restart Your Computer to Save Changes.

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5) Run sfc/scannow

1) Press Both Key together Windows + X keys to open Power User menu.

2) Then Choose Command Prompt (Admin) from it.

3) In the Command Prompt window, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

4) Wait For Few Minutes and Then Restart Your Computer to Save Changes.

Final Words

Finally, We Share 5 different methods to fix Windows 10 Critical Process Died error. If You have any method then Share with error facing the user and help them to fix this error. If You are satisfied with all these methods then Comment us below in comment section and Share with your friends and family Member on social media.

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