A Guide to Help You Add Clock On Your Windows 10 Desktop

Be it for your friends, family, or business setting or displaying multiple time zone clock comes in handy. Setting up one or more different clocks becomes very important when you communicate with them or send an email to them. To solve this, you can set up clock in your Windows 10 desktop. Depending on your requirements, you can select  which to put, either a Windows Desktop clock or a floating clock or a digital clock or even a small desktop clock on your Windows 10 desktop however you like it. 

Normally in a Windows desktop the time is displayed at the right bottom of your screen but it is usually the time of your own country or district. And even when your display multiple clocks on your desktop you will need to keep in tract of the specific time of that place resulting due to the differences of the Time Zone. 

If you find it difficult or do not know how to add or display multiple clocks on your desktop you need not worry. This Article has been created to guide your for this particuler reason. For the sake of your convenience, we will show you how  to put other personalized clocks on your WIndows 10 desktop be it a large clock, a digital clock, or even a floating clock. 

Steps for adding clock to your Windows 10 desktop

In this article we give you three steps for adding a clock on your Windows 10 desktop. We have provided you with the procedures you need to follow for adding three different kinds of desktop clock namely the system clock, a digital clock and a floating clock. 

Step 1: Add a desktop clock to your Windows 10

First of all if you want to show your clock on the Windows 10 desktop within the system then you can go  to the Date and Time settings for configurng the inbuilt clock on your PC. in this case, unlike displaying only the time, you an even add different and many clocks of different time zones totally up to your preference on the Windows 10 desktop. To do this, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. First, click on the Windows icon on te taskbar and choose the Settings icon and then enter the Settings Window.
  2. The next step is to choose the Time & Language option where you will enter the Time and Language settings. In this there are three items that you can set – Date & Time; Region & Language; Speech.
Add Clock On Your Windows 10
  1. Go to the Date and Time item and drop down the scroll bar and click on Add clocks for different time zones from the related settings observed. Once you select, you will enter the Audition Clocks Settings and as the name suggest you will be able to set the date and time fast.
Add Clock On Your Windows 10
  1. Next, select the Additional clock tab, and cjeck the box of Show this Clock where you will go for the Select a time zone option. At last, Enter a display name for the new clock.
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Once the Select time zone is enabled you will be able to choose the timezone as you like while the Enter display name text box will let you rename the clock as per your choice (default name will show as Clock 1 for the first clock).

  1. If you need or want to add a second clock, you can look for the next Show this clock option and the second Select time zone option will be enabled. You can then choose the time zone from the drop down list and similarly the Enter display name textbox will be provided for you to name your second clock.
Add Clock On Your Windows 10
  1. Once everything is done hit the Apply button and selct OK  to take effect.

After you follow this step you will see the two different time clocks in the time pane which is lacated on the right side of the desktop. You can follow the same steps to add more clocks however you like.

Step 2: Display the digital clock to you WIndows 10 Desktop

If you want something different from the system clock you can also put a digital clock on the desktop of Windows 10. Generally, the digital clock offers two advantages, one it is user friendly with concise interface occupying smaller space and the other is that it can be regarded as a digital alarm clock on desktop and also adds timer and calendar to the desktop as well. For this purpose there are many options available to choose from like the win10gadget, Cool Timer, ALarm Clock HD, KuKu Clock are the most practical and popular ones among the users. You can download any one of them to display a digital clock on the Windows 10 desktop. With this you will observe a visible clock on your Windows 10 desktop specifically a digital clock.

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Step 3: Setting up a floating clock on Windows 10 desktop

If youe preference is a floating clock on your Windows 10 desktop, just like the customized digital clock you can go online and get one from there and install it on your Windows 10. The floating clock that you installed will be shown on your WIndows 10 Desktop for your convenience. 


With this, you must have gotten a rough idea on how to add a Desktop clock on your Windows 10. It could be addition to the system clocks, a digital clock, or even a floating clock as per your convenience and preferrence. Following the same steps given above, you will be able to add additional number of clocks of different time zones according to your requirements. 

If you become familiar with these steps, you will also get an idea on how to add different Disktop gadgets on the WIndows 10. Just the way you have added the Desktop Clock, you will now be able to add other gadgets like the Desktop Weather to the Windows 10 by following similar steps according to your preference. 

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