Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 – How To Fix

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How To Fix Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10

Hello Everybody, We come back with the new Interesting article where You can connect Your Printer to your windows computer without getting any error like Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable. When You connect the printer to Windows PC That time You are facing an issue like Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10. So Here We have the best guide to fix this error.

If You are using Windows Device then Always You are facing many issues On Your Windows Device. If You facing Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 Then Here we have more Solution to fix this error. You can easily fix this error by the just simple way. So Below We Share the best method to fix this error in an easy way.

Windows comes with many bugs and error issue and You are getting more error during using windows device. If You facing any problem in Your Windows then Simply Find the problem Solution from Google or Comment us below in comment section. So We Will Update Article in just few hours.

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Solution -1: Try Troubleshooting

To Fix This Error, The First Things you should try is using Windows Troubleshooting tool to fix this problem. You can troubleshoot your printer like this:

1) Firstly ‘Windows + W’ key on the keyboard or just open the Search charm

2) Type troubleshooting & View all & select Printer

3) Next and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If this doesn’t work then try another method which we have. Let’s Check below.

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Now We try to logged in as an administrator and You can easily fix this problem using troubleshoot the printer. Here We Share various method to fix this issue and also You can fix this problem by trying all these methods. So Let’s Check out below few steps:


Solution – 2: Check Network Installation

Now We check more new method to solve this error. If You can’t satisfied using above method then Try another below steps to solve this problem. Still, You are getting any error same as active directory domain services unavailable then follow below steps.

1) Open Control Panel and select Printers and then go to Add new Printer.
2) Now, click on Network Printer and Browse for Printer.

Solution – 3: Reinstalling the Drivers

If Any Method doesn’t work which we share above then Try this one. You can try reinstalling your drivers. Many users have tried this for Active Directory Domain Services unavailable error on Windows 10 and successfully corrected the problem.

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Solution – 4: Restarting Printer Spooler

Still, You are getting the error message like Windows 10 active directory domain services unavailable error Then check out below few steps.

1) Press Windows+R key on your keyboard.
2) Now, on the pop-up menu, type services.msc
3) From the list that appears, select Print Spooler.
4) Right-Click on it and select Properties.
5) If you see the Service Status as Running, stop it and then restart.

If These steps don’t work then don’t worry we have more new method and steps which solve this error. Let’s Check out below.

Solution – 5: Reboot your router and add the printer again

If you are still receiving missing error messages from Active Directory Domain Services then try below steps. it maybe works.

  1. Reboot your router and turn off your firewall for a few seconds.
  2. Now restart your computer
  3. Once done, open Control Panel and select Printers
  4. Now, choose Add New Printer. From there, select Browse for Printer and Add the device.

Solution – 6 Update your Windows OS

If You can’t find the right way of Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 Error Problem then You have to Update your Windows OS. Check the Update from Going to Setting and Update Your OS to fix bugs issue. If You can’t find Update Option then simple Type “Update” In Windows Search Bar and Then You can see “Check For Update” Option then Click On it.

Solution – 7 One or more network protocols are missing on this computer

If Your PC can’t find Your Printer Then One or more network protocols are missing on this computer error. However at first glance, this error does not seem to do anything with your printer problems, once you fix it, you will be able to use your wireless printer.

1) Go to Settings > Network & Internet -> Ethernet or Wi-Fi (depending on the type of connection Which You are using)

2) Go to Change adapter options > Right-click the one you are having issues with

3) Go to Properties > Install… > Protocol

4) Now, install all the protocols that are available there

5) To see if the problem persists, test your printer. If this is the case, try restarting your PC, and then again the printer.

Solution – 8 Scan Full System

Malware can cause various problems on your computer, including printer errors. Scan a complete system to detect any malware that is running on your computer. You can use Windows’ built-in antivirus, Windows Defender, or third-party antivirus solution. So Let’s Check out few steps:

1) First Go To Start > type ‘defender’ > double click Windows Defender to launch the tool.

2) In the left-hand pane, select the shield icon

3) In the new window, click the Advanced scan option

4) Check the full scan option to launch a full system malware scan.

The Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable error in Windows 10 Should be fixed now using above all methods. Hope these methods and tricks help you and you have successfully corrected this problem. If You like this tutorial then share this tutorial with your friends and family members on Social media. Thank You.

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