Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10 – How To Fix

How To Fix Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable Error

Hello Everybody, We come back with the new Interesting article where You can connect Your Printer to your windows computer without getting any error like Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable. When You connect the printer to Windows PC That time You are facing an issue like Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable in Windows 10. So Here We have the best guide to fix this error.

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Try Troubleshooting

To Fix This Error, The First Things you should try is using Windows Troubleshooting tool to fix this problem. You can troubleshoot your printer like this:

Select Windows+W key and type troubleshooting

Now Choose your printer and use the Troubleshooter Tool to find and fix any issues with the printer. But If this doesn’t work then try another method which we have. Let’s Check below.

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Check Network Installation

Now We check more new method to solve this error. If You can’t satisfied using above method then Try another below steps to solve this problem. Still, You are getting any error same as active directory domain services unavailable then follow below steps.

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1) Open Control Panel and select Printers and then go to Add new Printer.
2) Now, click on Network Printer and Browse for Printer.

Reinstalling the Drivers

If Any Method doesn’t work which we share above then Try this one. You can try reinstalling your drivers. Many users have tried this for Active Directory Domain Services unavailable error on Windows 10 and successfully corrected the problem.

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Restarting Printer Spooler

Still, You are getting the error message like Windows 10 active directory domain services unavailable error Then check out below few steps.

1) Press Windows+R key on your keyboard.
2) Now, on the pop-up menu, type services.msc
3) From the list that appears, select Print Spooler.
4) Right-Click on it and select Properties.
5) If you see the Service Status as Running, stop it and then restart.

If These steps don’t work then don’t worry we have more new method and steps which solve this error. Let’s Check out below.

Reboot your router and add the printer again

If you are still receiving missing error messages from Active Directory Domain Services then try below steps. it maybe works.

  1. Reboot your router and turn off your firewall for a few seconds.
  2. Now restart your computer
  3. Once done, open Control Panel and select Printers
  4. Now, choose Add New Printer. From there, select Browse for Printer and Add the device.

Using Registry Editor and Giving Permissions

1) First, You have to open RUN Program and then type regedit. Press Enter.

2) Then will open registry editor. Now navigate to the following path:

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HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

3) You can see there are 3 subkeys like the Devices, Printer Ports, and the Windows. To get the permission, right click and choose permissions.

4) Now Click On Allow in front of the ‘full control‘ option > Apply and OK. then

5) Close the Registry Editor > Restart PC and unplug the printer and reinstall it again.

Update Printer Drivers

If you are facing this type of error then You have to check first printer drivers. because sometimes due to outdated or Corrupted drivers, You can face this type of error on your system. So solve this error. download fresh new drivers from official website and remove old drivers before install fresh drivers. so then you will never get this type of problem.

The Active Directory Domain Services Currently Unavailable error in Windows 10 Should be fixed now using above all methods. Hope these methods and tricks help you and you have successfully corrected this problem. If You like this tutorial then share this tutorial with your friends and family members on Social media. Thank You.

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